Nominate a child to help an Egyptologist lift the Pharaoh’s Curse.

Postal detective game for 7 to 12-year-olds​

Pharaoh's Curse

• Four postings packed full of realistic artefacts and documents that make you feel like a genuine detective.

• Order now and select a later dispatch date and “do not open until…” stamp, to guarantee availability and add to the anticipation.

• Can be played by one or more investigators making it an excellent gift for one child or the perfect shared experience for siblings.


It all starts with an unexpected letter from the Archive of Unsolved Mysteries.

You have been nominated to help investigate one of our unsolved mysteries.

You will receive a series of artefacts and documents relating to case 426.

If you choose to help, break the seal on the black envelope and commence your investigation

The investigation begins…

Your detective discovers a Professor of Egyptology has been requested to lead a team of explorers into a remote location.

They must find the whereabouts of a hidden Tomb, uncovers secret rooms, lost treasures and help the Professor find the hidden charms to lift the Pharaoh’s curse.

The Four mailings contain:

Genuine Egyptian papyrus , a stone with a strange symbol carved across the surface, two Egyptian charms, an old photograph, several pages from the professors diary, cyphers and codes, notes from the archive, correspondence from the professors assistant and a doctor in Cairo, an old weathered map, letters from the archive, an ancient diagram of the labyrinth inside the tomb, and a newspaper articles that bring an enlightening insight.

• A final letter from the Archive of Unsolved Mysteries concluding the case and revealing the nominator.   (You can choose to reveal the nominator at the start)

• An exclusive membership badge from the Archive of Unsolved Mysteries.

• A personalised certificate of achievement from the Archive.

• A unique Egyptian papyrus bookmark.

“We would definitely recommend Mysterious Mail to anyone with an inquisitive child who loves a good mystery.
In a time where everything is becoming digital, it’s a real novelty for a child to get exciting mail through the post.
The documents and artefacts combined to make a really compelling experience!”
– DadGeek

 12 year old’s review – “Sense of anticipation waiting for your mail, exciting finding the clues, documents looked realistic. The storyline was a highlight and I would recommend it!”


10 year old’s review – “Very fun and thrilling”

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