How it works

Nominate an investigator to receive a Mysterious Mail.
Decide to reveal your identity in the first or last mailing.

Choose a dispatch date. The 1st mailing arrives through their letterbox a few days later with the rest following just over a week apart.

Your detective solves the clues, reads the personalised letter and discover you selected this unique gift.

About Mysterious Mail

Unexplained Mysteries delivered to your door. A series of posts containing intriguing documents, artefacts, conundrums and curios that reveal remarkable tales. With puzzles for adults and kids to enjoy, solve cryptic clues or crack the code to unravel the mystery.

Children's Mysteries

If you’re looking for personalised gifts for kids, our postal detective games make exciting and fun presents for girls and boys. Children love receiving gifts through the letterbox enclosed with messages personally addressed to them. Each mailing tells an intriguing tale through realistic artefacts and documents. These are puzzles for kids that want to feel like genuine detectives.
Discover unique and thoughtful gifts for 7 year old boys to 12 year old girls.

Adult's Mysteries

Unravel unusual detective games, whodunits, and unexplained mysteries. Intrigued by cold case files? Enjoy puzzling over a murder mystery game? Think you know the right person to solve the crime?
Our mystery case files contain unusual puzzles for adults that would enjoy a murder mystery box. These strange gothic gifts would also tantalize fans of horror escape games.

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