Become the guardian of a disturbingly strange artefact

A raven delivering a mysterious mail to a letterbox in front of an old spooky mansion on a misty evening

A Most Peculiar Package

  • Three surprising, unsettling and peculiar posts cumulating in the delivery of a bizarre object.

  • Ordering for an acquaintance? Choose when to reveal this mysterious mail was a gift from you.

  • Contains dark content but no offensive language or over gratuitous images.

Mailing One

An unexpected black envelope arrives in the post.

The wax seal is broken and a surprising series of documents are discovered. A crime scene report, autopsy report, police diary notes, witness statements and a letter for your attention. 

An unexpected letter explains you have been nominated to receive an important artifact from a mysterious stranger.

Mailing Two

correspondence from an organisation including login details to an online portal containing some disturbing and enlightening media.

Mailing Three

Delivery of the Peculiar artefact and a worrying final correspondence.

A mysterious package wrapped in brown paper, tied with twine with a red wax seal

Whom will you send a Mysterious Mail?


Apoligies. This mystery is temporary out of stock while the custodians gather more evidence.

Intrigued by this case?
Know somebody who would be?

Please try again.
Stay observant. We will be in touch.


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Mysterious Mail

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