Delivering the Unexpected

Upcoming​ release

The Haunted Box

Investigate Beyond the Supernatural

Creepy room

Discovered in the basement of an abandoned building.

“While exploring derelict buildings I have collected a lot of strange objects, but this artefact was different. It has an eerie presence, a coldness that touched my soul. I didn’t open it,  fearful of what may be released “

Antoney Keselim – Urban Explorer 

We have in our possession an artefact given to us by an urban explorer.  .

We are looking for individuals of an inquisitive nature to help the archive of unsolved mysteries investigate the origins of this curious object and its contents.

Investigators will receive the  Box , its peculiar contents and a link to the archives online portal.

 A researcher from the archive has started compiling and uploading evidence from several audio and video recordings for your inspection.

Does this box contain a spirit? What were the strange events surrounding several of the previous owners?

Intrigued by this case?
Know somebody who would be?


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Dybbuk box – a box that contains the spirit of a deceased person. A Dybbuk In Jewish Mythology is usually a malicious spirit disassociated from the soul of the deceased.

Spirit Box or Ghost Box is a device used mostly by Ghost hunters and parapsychology to capture the sounds of spirits. The early versions of this were slightly altered radio’s that picked up a lot of static. In between this white noise, short words are reportedly heard. The words are those of spirits trying to communicate with the living. The devices have become more elaborate with even a spirit box app available for download. 


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